Timber Constructions & Play Equipment

Timber ranks in the top three when it comes to building materials. It can be used to make a wide variety of structures including offices, homes, cabins, pet houses and even a modern wooden play house. Timber can also be used for decorative purposes in structures built using other types of building materials. What are the advantages of wooden structures? Why should you consider wooden structures? What maintenance procedures should you follow for wooden structures?

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Wooden structures 

The construction and manufacturing industries have been using wood for construction and manufacture of wooden structures such as play houses, dog kennels and many more for ages. The structures range in colour, size, use, strength and many more attributes. These structures are not only easier to build but they also cost substantially less compared to structures made from concrete and stones. The designs used for timber structures can be simple, complex, elegant or even sophisticated depending on the end user needs, availability of funds and experts. 

Maintenance of wooden structures

Whether it is wooden houses, pet houses, floors, ceilings or the entire structure, there are specific procedures, cleaning equipment and detergents that should be used. Different types of wood will require different cleaning detergents and equipment and therefore you should consult experts before you begin. Remember that you will also be required to polish the floors and structures from time to time, apply varnish and paint them accordingly in order to increase their useful life.

Advantages of wooden structures

One of the greatest advantages of timber over concrete is its warmth. With timber play houses, you do not have to worry that your kids are constantly exposed to cold floors and walls. This may minimises diseases that are associated with cold. In addition to this, wooden structures have great aesthetic value. Timber is very strong and therefore durable making it ideal for play houses. Timber houses can last several centuries if they were built right and maintained appropriately. Timber structures also minimise the need for floor rugs, and cushions for play house and pet houses which essentially minimise their maintenance costs.


Wood requires special treatment before it can be used as a building material. This is to ensure that its water absorbing properties are minimised. When wood absorbs water, it swells and this destroys the structure. In addition to this, it requires special treatment to prevent insect inflicted damages. If not properly maintained, it is possible for the wood to get discoloured over time reducing its aesthetic value. It can also be affected by mould if it is not properly treated and maintained.